New Deal ISD’s Engineering Fair

New Deal ISD had it’s first Engineering Fair last week on April 11. Students used tri-fold boards as backdrops for their explanation of engineering projects. I walked around and talked to many of the students. They were excited about their projects and were able to discuss them intelligently. I was very impressed with the knowledge they acquired and told several people that I only wish I had had this kind of experience when I was in school. I hope preparing for this Engineering Fair convinces students to become involved in STEM, but, even if their interests lie elsewhere, they will be able to use this knowledge and these experiences all their lives. I can’t wait until next year’s fair…I plan to be there with bells on!

Pulley Systems

Winch Efficiency


Infographic: The Value of a STEM Education | Edutopia

I love infographics because they pack a lot of information in a small, visual space.

Infographic: The Value of a STEM Education | Edutopia.

Billboard Fountains

Billboards are all over town and along the highways. I’ve always considered them merely ledges that birds can perch on. But when the University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru, needed something to kick off it’s 2013 student application period, their ad agency, Mayo DraftFCB, came up with a unique idea. According to Time, although Lima sits beside the Pacific Ocean, it’s part of a coastal desert, receiving around half-an-inch of rain each year. On the other hand, the city’s humidity averages 83%. So the agency created a billboard that sucks moisture from the air and turns it into potable water. What an idea!

HENAAC Scholarships

The HENAAC Scholars Program addresses the immense need that the United States has to produce more domestic engineers and scientists. The goals of the program are: to ensure STEM college retention; to guarantee college graduation; and to empower Hispanic communities by producing STEM role models for future generations.

2013 Scholarship Recipients receive:

  • Meet and greet your scholarship sponsor at the 25th Anniversary HENAAC Conference
  • Paid travel and lodging for the 25th Anniversary HENAAC Conference in New Orleans, LA, held October 3-5, 2013
  • Listing and photo in the HENAAC Conference issue of TECHNiCATM Magazine
  • Press release on the Great Minds in STEMTM website
  • Scholarship ranging from $500-$10,000 to study science, technology, engineering and math at any 2-year or 4-year college/university in the U.S. or its territories

Apply now.

Texas Space Grant Consortium Scholarships & Fellowships now open

Texas Space Grant has opened the 2013-2014 round of Undergraduate Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships – Note the Deadlines.

Here are the programs that are currently active – The Applications are open!!!

Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Columbia Crew Memorial Scholarship (Spring 2013)
Funds Distributed Fall 2013
DEADLINE TO APPLY IS March 29, 2013 – $1500.

Apply online.

See flyer at 13-14 Scholarship announcement.

These scholarships are intended to recognize high-quality students and encourage their consideration of graduate studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields which will ultimately lead to careers in STEM related fields. The scholarships stress:

  • Excellence in academics
  • Participation in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics education projects
  • Participation in research projects
  • Exhibited leadership qualities

TSGC encourages participation by members of under-represented groups.

All TSGC Scholarship recipients must be:

  1. Citizens of the United States
  2. Registered for at least a half-time course load or more at a TSGC member institution in good standing as:
    • a sophomore at a 2 year institution or
    • a sophomore at a 4 year institution or
    • a junior or senior at a 4 year institution or
    • a first or second year student at a medical school


TSGC Graduate Fellowship
Funds Distributed Fall 2013
DEADLINE TO APPLY IS March 29, 2013 – $5,000 per student

Apply online.

See flyer at 13-14_fellow_announce.

Texas Space Grant Consortium Fellowships have been established to encourage graduate study in the fields of space science and engineering. Applications from women and underrepresented students are encouraged. Interdisciplinary and integrated work experience are emphasized.

Each award of five thousand dollars ($5,000) will supplement half-time graduate support (or fellowship) provided by a Consortium institution.


  1. must be citizens of the United States,
  2. must be registered for full-time study in a graduate program at one (or more) of the Consortium institutions,
  3. must be promised financial support at that institution, and
  4. must not have exceeded the time limit described under “duration”.

Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis with consideration of (1) excellence in academics, (2) interest in space, and (3) recommendations from the applicant’s institution.

Expanding Minds & Opportunities: The Power of Afterschool and Summer Learning for Student Success

From Tricia Berry, Director of Women in Engineering Program and Texas Girls Collaborative Project, who was citing the National AfterSchool Association eNewsletter:

New “Must Read” and “Must Share” Publication

A new resource is now available that makes the case for quality afterschool and summer learning programs. Expanding Minds and Opportunities is a powerful compendium of studies, reports, and commentaries by more than one hundred thought leaders including community leaders, elected officials, educators, researchers, advocates, and other prominent authors.

This landmark collection of nearly seventy articles is being met with great acclaim, as it presents bold and persuasive evidence and best practices from the field that quality expanded learning opportunities
• Promote student success and college and career readiness
• Build youth assets such as character, resilience, and wellness
• Foster partnerships that maximize resources and build community ties
• Engage families in their children’s learning in meaningful ways

A complete online version of every article in the book Expanding Minds and Opportunities: The Power of Afterschool and Summer Learning for Student Success is now available” [use the sidebar link “Read the Compendium”]. Every article in the book may be printed, downloaded, shared, and used freely, so long as the content is attributed to the author(s) and the Expanded Learning & Afterschool Project.

Do’s and Don’ts for Better PBL

Be patient for the link below to open because it has some good information about PBL. The author is Suzie Boss, who is an author and contributes to Edutopia and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. She is also on the national faculty of the Buck Institute for Education.

Do’s & Don’ts for Better PBL