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U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference June 17-19

Dr. John Chandler, Director of the Texas Tech T-STEM Center, will be presenting a session with Dr. Karen Symms Gallagher, Dean of USC Rossier School of Education, and Dave Saba, Chief Operating Officer at the National Math and Science Initiative. Their session #604 and is titled “The Front Lines: On the Job Training for STEM Teachers”. Look for them on Wednesday at 10:00!


2013 TAME-Encana Scholars

The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering has announced the 2013 TAME-Encana Scholars. They are:

  • Sergio Aleman, San Antonio (University of Texas at Austin, Biology)
  • Rachel Andrews, Fort Worth (University of Texas at Austin, Mathematics)
  • Nicole Aragon, Fort Worth (University of Texas at Dallas, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Antonio Bujanda, Presidio (Texas Tech University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Daniel Guajardo, Lubbock (University of Texas at Austin, Mathematics & Mechanical Engineering)
  • Nancy Kha, Pflugerville (University of Texas at Austin, Biology)
  • Saahil Mehta, Amarillo (Harvard University, Physics)
  • Veronica Miles, Amarillo (Xavier University of Louisiana, Biology Pre-med)
  • Zoi Thompson, Pflugerville (University of Texas at Austin, Environmental Science)

The announcement goes on:

Sponsored by Encana, this annual award is offered to high school seniors who have participated in TAME programs, demonstrate academic excellence, and are pursuing a major in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Each recipient will receive a $2,500 award for the academic year.

The scholarship recipients were chosen from a slate of deserving candidates representing almost all chapters across Texas. A selection committee comprised of TAME Board Members and Encana representatives selected the recipients based on their applications, academic performance, essays, and letters of recommendation.

Three other students are currently being considered for TAME scholarships at Texas A&M University. Current TAME Scholars will be invited to apply for “Evergreen Scholarships” sponsored by Conoco Phillips.

Congratulations to all the TAME Scholars!

Construction Bond Election Passed for Roscoe ISD

Congratulations to Roscoe ISD. The Construction Bond Election was successful, so they will be able to construct a Research Center with ground breaking planned for this summer. The hope is that the Center will be ready for the 2014-2015 school year.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology from TeachThought

I found this infographic at TeachThought and hope others will enjoy.

7 Habits of Teachers Who Use Tech

Michael’s Hover Craft

Michael, a third grade student at Harmony Science Academy – Lubbock, built a hover craft with the help of his parents. When I visited Harmony a few weeks ago, Michael and his mother, Gloria, showed me how it works, and I was very impressed that Michael had been able to create it. Then Michael gave me a great demonstration of the hover craft!




You can see that the hover craft is waiting to be inflated in the first picture, it’s partially inflated when Michael climbs aboard, and when it’s fully inflated, Michael went sliding smoothly around the room.

Way to go, Michael!

NASA SLI Launch with Presidio Team

Guest Blogger: Dr. John Chandler, TTU T-STEM Center Co-Director

Fred Schneider and I just returned from another NASA Student Launch Initiative launch with the Presidio Rocket team at Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Ala. To get there they had to be in the top 100 teams nationally to compete in the fly-off in Virginia for the Team America Rocketry Challenge, and then be in the top 20 scoring teams in the TARC nationals. This is the 5th team Presidio has had in the top 20 teams nationally, and the TTU T-STEM Center has had up to 5 teams that we mentor & support in the top 20 teams nationally.

Paul Holmes with the National Association of Rocketry and Tripoli Rocketry conducts a pre-flight inspection.
preflight inspection with paul 1

John Chandler (foreground) and Fred Schneider (background) with the Presidio rocket team in sombreros – Gwynelle Condino, Lois Obrero, and Jillianne Franco.

The Presidio rocket team with their rocket: Ana Karen Nieto, Itza Rodriguez, Gwynelle Condino, Jillianne Franco, Lois Obrero, and Jose Alan Galindo.
the team

Shella Condino, Homer Hickam, and Adelina Portillo. Shella and Adelina teach at Presidio. Homer Hickam is author of Rocket Boys: A Memoir, which was made into the movie, October Sky. In front of the group is Aerrielle Condino.
homer hickam teachers

The team’s booth: Biochemical Analysis of the Effect of Changes in Acceleration, Pressure, Humidity, and Temperature to Capsicum Chinense Habanero Chili.
habenero presentation1

You can also read a great article about the team at “Presidio team 2013”.

New Deal ISD’s Engineering Fair

New Deal ISD had it’s first Engineering Fair last week on April 11. Students used tri-fold boards as backdrops for their explanation of engineering projects. I walked around and talked to many of the students. They were excited about their projects and were able to discuss them intelligently. I was very impressed with the knowledge they acquired and told several people that I only wish I had had this kind of experience when I was in school. I hope preparing for this Engineering Fair convinces students to become involved in STEM, but, even if their interests lie elsewhere, they will be able to use this knowledge and these experiences all their lives. I can’t wait until next year’s fair…I plan to be there with bells on!

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