October 30 Cluster Meeting in El Paso

I’m just back from a T-STEM Cluster Meeting in El Paso on Tuesday. Thank you to Parkland High School for allowing us to hold the Meeting there and for providing IT support.

Diana Chavez lives in El Paso and arrived at Parkland to prepare our room early in the morning. I tried to arrive on time, but my GPS got lost. When the GPS said I had arrived at the school, I kept looking around and driving up and down, but there was no school. I finally found it, though, with Diana’s help.

We were set up and ready to go on time, but we couldn’t get the video feed to work, so our people missed a little bit of the material…a welcome by Educate Texas and a speaker. We hope to provide videos for them in future. However, I think our participants enjoyed themselves, and I hope they learned a little about using statistics creatively. We had some great discussions, and everyone was willing to share ideas and ask questions.

Our thanks to Educate Texas for supplying lunch. And thanks to the Texas Tech T-STEM Academies and those from T-2013 who were able to attend at El Paso…Presidio and Harmony/Lubbock, and several schools from the El Paso area. Thanks also to Texas Tech & T-2013 Academies who attended at other sites. Plus thanks to all the Academies who attended across the state. Y’all rock!!!


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