Monthly Archives: August 2012

Symphony of Science–Quantum Physics

Quantum physics seems a pretty daunting field of study to me, but I’m intrigued after watching this video. Nearly 3M people have watched thus far…that’s really a feat to get that many people to watch a video about quantum physics.


ATEMS Student Earns TSTC Certificate While in High School

We were excited to learn that Nicholas Alcantar, who is about to begin his senior year at ATEMS in Abilene, has already earned his computer-aided drafting certificate in machine drafting and design from TSTC. Congratulations to Nicholas!

ATEMS Student Brings Partnership with TSTC to Fruition with Graduation

Presidio Teacher Shella Condino honored on CBS Special, “Teachers Rock”

“Teachers Rock,” a special on CBS Friday evening, August 17, 2012, highlighted a Presidio teacher, Shella Condino, for her work with students at Presidio High School in Presidio, Texas. Shella’s students have done tremendous work with rocketry, have received numerous awards in the last few years, and three of her students met the President at the White House Science Fair this year. In addition, Shella has received several awards, including the Scott Crossfield Teacher of the Year. Congratulations to Presidio, the Presidio students, and Shella Condino!

Popular Mechanics

I was at the bookstore this weekend and picked up the September 2012 issue of Popular Mechanics to look at while I was having coffee. I noticed two articles that might be useful for teachers to talk about in their classrooms. The first was “Big,” about mega-engineering projects such as One World Trade Center and Apple Campus 2. And the second was “Backyard Genius” about various home projects people have created such as a backyard Golden Gate Bridge, a squirrel water cannon, and a compact go-cart. I was thinking that these articles might inspire students to come up with ideas of their own. Do you have any ideas to share?