Engineering: It’s Time to Change How We Promote the Profession

Tricia Berry at The University of Texas at Austin sent out an email today about a Webinar coming up in a couple of weeks. I thought others might be interested in it, too.

From Tricia’s email:

The National Engineers Week Foundation is joining forces with the National Academy of Engineering and the National Society of Professional Engineers to present “Engineering: It’s Time to Change How We Promote the Profession,” a national campaign to improve the public’s understanding of engineering. By changing how we present it, we can encourage young people to make a difference in the world through an engineering career. Join us on Thursday, June 28, at 12:30 pm EDT, and you will learn how we can:

  • Change what we say about engineering
  • Change the images we use to promote engineering
  • Change how we teach engineering

You will leave this one-hour webinar with new research-based messaging, resources, and simple steps that you can take right away. To register, please click here.


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