Walkalong Gliders

Have you ever flown a paper airplane? My cousins and I used to in the summers at my grandparents’ house. It was so much fun, but we never could keep them in the air as long as we wanted.

I discovered a video on the Getting Smart website about using walkalong gliders for an in-class activity. The students use patterns to carefully cut out and fold the planes, and then they adjust the cuts and folds as they attempt to keep them in the air.

And how do they keep them in the air? By walking behind and under the gliders with a flat cardboard that would be called, I think, an airfoil, or by using their hands. The video explains the concept behind the gliders and even shows how to build a simple wind tunnel so that students can study wind and lift.

Maybe you’ve heard of walkalong gliders, but it’s a new concept for me. It looks like great fun, and I learned a lot just watching the video. I think students would really have a great time!

Are there any projects that you’ve used in your classroom or heard about that you’d like to share?


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