Presidio visits the White House

Presidio has had an incredibly exciting day this week. On Wednesday, February 8, Shella Condina and three of her Presidio rocketry students–Janet Nieto, Ana Karen, and Gwynelle Condino—took part in the second White House Science Fair.

President Obama was impressed with the hard work of the Presidio students. The rocketry students, including the ones who were unable to attend, are from one of the poorest areas in Texas. They held fundraisers, including a goat raffle, to be able to attend national rocketry competitions and events.

The young ladies requested and received a group hug from the President, and, in return, they gave him a gift. On February 25, 2012, a short documentary film about Presidio’s success in national science and rocketry competitions will be shown at the Rose Marine Latin Film Festival in Fort Worth The Presidio students gave the President a copy of the documentary.


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